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Sally Jones’ son ‘collateral damage’

The young son of the British jihadist Sally Jones was considered as part of the “collateral damage equation” when the CIA carried out a targeted drone strike on the so-called White Widow, sources said last night.


‘Trump’s secret Yemen war’: UK role in US counter-terrorism causes unease

Donald Trump has more than doubled the number of covert US airstrikes in Yemen compared with the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency, new estimates show. The rise, combined with Trump’s rollback of Obama-era safeguards, has sparked renewed concern from MPs and human rights groups over the UK’s role in US counter-terrorism operations, in Yemen and other countries with which Britain is not at war.

Global Group of Civil Society Organizations Raise Concerns about U.S.-led Drone Export Initiative

On Tuesday, 19 civil society organizations from around the world issued a joint statement with their concerns about a U.S.-led initiative that seeks to set out international standards on the export and subsequent use of armed and strike-enabled drones. In October 2016, the U.S.

This time Britain must resist colluding in US drone terror | Clive Lewis

I know what it’s like to feel the fear of battle. To be constantly looking over my shoulder and thinking every sound might be a bomb or a bullet. When I served in Afghanistan in 2009 I felt that fear, but I made a choice to serve in the army and I knew I could come home to safety at the end of my tour.

‘Killing jihadist fathers is hard’: RAF drone pilots reveal stress of taking out targets

They sit in metal shipping containers in Lincolnshire, watching their targets in Syria and Iraq go about their daily lives – before killing them. RAF drone pilots have lifted the lid on the exhaustion and mental stress of their job, fighting a remote war thousands of miles away.

MPs call on Theresa May to release ‘kill list’ for UK drone strikes

Ministers ‘must tell public’ about drone strikes on ISIS Britons

UK Government Sets the Stage for Wider Drone Strikes

RAF urged to recruit video game players to operate Reaper drones

Civilian death toll from Isis air strikes ‘is set to reach 1,000 within days’

Britain’s Covert War in Yemen: A VICE News Investigation | VICE News

Tory MP casts doubt on justification for drone strikes on Britons in Syria

RAF base may be legitimate target for Isis, says ex-Nato commander
MPs and peers to investigate British military personnel joining other forces

MPs call for guidance on prosecuting UK spies over US drone strikes

Government to release secret details about the use of drones over UK

RAF remote drone pilots facing real-world combat stress

Britain at serious risk from terrorist drone attacks, experts fear

Call to open RAF Croughton for investigation Guardian 18 June 2014

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Hasan Dindjer takes a look at the Parliamentary Legal Advice Lawfare 2 February 2014

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Drones to help police at G8 summit, Belfast Telegraph, 11 April 2013

MPs to probe claims that the U.S. is operating a secret ‘drone war’ from Britain’s RAF bases, Daily Mail, 16 March 2013

Drone attacks ‘traumatising a generation of children’, Channel 4 News, 5 March 2013

Revealed: who can fly drones in UK airspace, Nick Hopkins, The Guardian, 25 January 2013

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