The Joint Committee on Human Rights is conducting an inquiry into the UK policy on the use of drones targeted killing. Their website features written evidence submitted, letters written and details of oral evidence sessions. For further information please see:


The Intelligence and Security Committee has announced that it will be examining the intelligence basis surrounding the recent drone strikes in which British nationals were killed. For the Chair’s statement on current priorities please see:


The Liaison Committee has questioned the Prime Minister on the remit of this review by the Intelligence and Security Committee. Please see:


The House of Lords EU (Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment) Sub Committee is conducting an inquiry into civil use of RPAS or drones in the EU. Their website will feature live weekly evidence sessions from mid October. For further information please see:—internal-market-sub-committee-b/inquiries/parliament-2010/civil-use-of-rpas/


The Defence Committee inquiry into RPAS: current and future UK use is now complete. For the Defence Committee report and the government’s response please see our Useful Reading List:—current-and-future-uk-use/


The Committee on Arms Export Controls has made recommendations on the development of export control policy of armed drones, their software, technology and components, and the need for end-use undertakings:


The  Joint Committee on Human Rights has heard evidence from UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson and the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation David Anderson QC on drones, counter-terrorism and human rights:


The Foreign Affairs Committee has considered the UNHRC Resolution on Drones and the FCO response to Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson’s report: