Welcome to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones’ Blog

Welcome to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles).  The Group was founded in October 2012.  The purpose of the Group is:

To examine the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) by governments, for domestic and international, military and civilian purposes.

More details about the aims and objectives of the Group, can be found on our About page. We work with a range of civil society organisations, who undertake research, monitoring and advocacy on the use of drones by the UK and elsewhere. Their websites can be found on the side bar.

The APPG holds meetings in Parliament which serve to engage and educate Parliamentarians on the use of this technology.  These meetings are invitation only but the minutes, briefings and reports of these meetings can be found on the APPG meetings page.  The Group uses Parliamentary processes to increase transparency and accountability on the UK’s use of drones, a table collating these responses can be found on the Parliamentary Questions page.  The Group also submitted two Early Day Motions which can be found here.

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