Welcome to the APPG on Drones

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The All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones (‘APPG’) was founded in October 2012. The purpose of our Group is:

To examine the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) by governments, for domestic and international, military and civilian purposes.

Details about the aims and objectives of the APPG, and current focus areas, can be found on our About page. The Group has 62 Members of Parliament. It is Chaired by Stewart McDonald MP (SNP) and Baroness Stern (CB). For the latest update on our work, please see here. 

We hold meetings that serve to inform and engage parliamentarians on the use of this technology in areas of interest to members. These meetings are invitation only, but notices and any briefings and power points can be found on the meetings page.

We use parliamentary processes to try and increase transparency and accountability for the use and impact of drones in diverse military and civil contexts, and contribute towards emerging policy. A table collating the responses to written questions can be found on the Parliamentary Questions page. Members have contributed to relevant debates in both Houses, and participated in several inquiries and consultations critiquing aspects of drone use by (or on behalf of) public bodies, the legal frameworks that apply, and public access to information. The Group has submitted six Early Day Motions to highlight areas of concern and help move debate forward both in and outside Westminster.

We work with a range of civil society organisations, who undertake research, monitoring and advocacy on the increasing use of drones by the UK and elsewhere. Our partners’ websites, with links to work undertaken in this field, can be found on the side bar.

The APPG is generously supported by grants from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation. We are also grateful to the Open Society Foundations for their previous generous grant, and to the wide range of external academics and experts who have provided input into our work on a pro bono basis.